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Why does my company need a subscription management service?
You need a subscription management service so you can devote all of your time to your core business. How many hours does your office spend each month contacting publishers to order publications? Who keeps track of all those duplicitous renewal slips so you know exactly when a publication is really about to expire? Anytime an employee leaves the company or changes departments, more calls to the publisher are required. How many checks do you write to different publishers each month and what are the costs? Our core business is subscription management. We handle all these time consuming tasks for you and you simply write us one check.

What is Prenax?
Prenax is an internet based subscription management agency. We specialize in the administration of subscriptions to domestic and international publications for businesses.

How does Prenax save me money and time?
By taking complete responsibility for the administrative tasks related to subscriptions to your domestic and international publications, Prenax saves you money as well as time. Prenax service includes customized management reports, consolidated invoicing, and a single contact for all subscriptions.

How do I sign up for your services?
You can sign up for Prenax' services by going to the "new customer" page of our website and completing a company profile or by calling Prenax directly. One of our sales representatives will contact your office and provide you with everything needed.

I already know what titles I want. How do I order them quickly?
Prenax provides you with 24 hour access to our database of newspaper and magazine titles. You simply find the title you wish, point and click, and Prenax takes care of the rest.

What if the title I want is not in your database?
Can't find what you want? Simply contact Prenax directly via phone, fax, or e-mail and a Customer Care Consultant will locate the title and information you need.

Can I order foreign publications?
Our database contains 250,000 titles from all over the world. Prenax provides you with access to each and every title.

How do I keep track of the subscriptions I've ordered?
Through Prenax Online you will have 24 hour/7 day access to your subscription management report detailing each publication your company has ordered. This report can be customized in any way you wish. You will be able to see publications ordered and their cost from each of your company's departments as well as individual employees.

How do I receive confirmation of my order?
In addition to the monthly subscription management report which will confirm any order placed within the month Prenax will e-mail you confirmation that we have received and processed your order.

I'm dissatisfied with a past order. What will you do about it?
If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of Prenax' service, immediately contact the Customer Care Department. A Customer Care Consultant will resolve the matter expeditiously.

I still have a question. How can I contact you?
You can contact Prenax by, phone +1 603 717 0383, fax +1 603 717 0392 or via E-mail at: .

How can I get my publication listed in Prenax' database?
If you are a publisher and your publication is not in Prenax' database simply contact our office for information on how your publication can be added to our growing list of titles. To read more, or to add your title instantly, please visit our For Publishers page.
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