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Corporate Clients
Today, Prenax works for most of the world’s top investment and retail banks, professional services organisations and law firms. This is our core business and a sector in which Prenax has excelled since the early 1990s.

When Prenax polled over half of all votes for the “Customer Service Team of the Year” award at the International Online Information Awards in 2006, it was chiefly from this core sector where our support originated. We realise that the demands of investment banks, lawyers and financial services professionals are unique. Servicing these clients is challenging because their expectations are higher than those in any other sector. At Prenax, we deliver to these professionals every day and have built a reputation for timely excellence in what is the hardest market in which to operate.

Take a look at our case studies featuring centralised and decentralised banks as well as an e-procurement-led roll-out.

The client services team is available from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday and you can contact them via their direct dial number, through your Prenax Online account or via email. As a new customer, you have the chance to meet your contact. Depending on the need, they will be available to spend some time working in your office in order to better understand the processes that are important to you.

All major new clients pass through Prenax’s unique implementation programme. We understand that our business depends on the accuracy of data, especially when a client is making the transition from another intermediary. For example, there are three databases to reconcile: the client’s, the publisher’s and the incumbent agent’s. The cleansed data is loaded by us onto your Prenax Online account. This “get it right first time” approach cuts down future fire-fighting to a minimum and enable us to be more proactive with you, your suppliers and your customers.

By using Prenax, our clients take advantage of our superior publisher relationships. We regularly leverage this power to negotiate better discounts on their behalf. Claims are expedited quicker as we have key account status with all the major publishers. In fact, as we have such effective working relationships with them, many publishers actually recommend our services to their clients!

In a market where personal service and attention to detail are more in demand than ever, we offer a flexible, friendly and efficient alternative. We don’t ask you to fit into our box; we ask you how you’d like your box to be made.
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