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Prenax provides a single point of contact for managing your organisation’s subscriptions, saving you the time and hassle of working with multiple suppliers.

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Getting Control
  • Capture, consolidate and manage subscription spend.
  • Prenax Online’s built-in approval process puts an end to maverick spending.
  • Invoices are formatted to your specifications and allow you to track spending by department, cost-centre, project, address, and more.
  • Plug into your e-procurement platform.
Cutting Costs
Typically, an organisation will cut at least 10% of its spend on subscriptions within 18 months by implementing Prenax. This ‘leaner’ expenditure will be a permanent improvement. If some wastage has already been cut, this improvement will be maintained. Otherwise, wastage will creep back into the system from day 2 and return to its previous level within 3 years.

  Hard cost savings include:
  • Agency discounts
  • Bulk discounts (after capturing and consolidating distributed spend)
  • Renegotiated site licenses
  • Filtering out false invoices (actually renewal requests)
  • Cutting duplications
  • Eliminate multiple renewals (a common mistake)
  • Cutting bookstand sales
  • Cutting hand-delivered journals
  • Cutting non-core spend
  Soft cost savings include:
  • Management's time
  • Administrators' time
  • Subscribers' time
  • Consolidating all invoices into one per month
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