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Professional Memberships

Managing your organization’s individual employee memberships can be a real headache. That’s where Prenax comes in.

1 Vendor, 1 Invoice
By using Prenax, our customers have the ability to reduce thousands of invoices to a single invoice which can be delivered monthly, quarterly or annually. We will check publisher invoices for accuracy against purchase orders and ensure that cost center allocation is correctly calculated. This saves our clients processing time and money. Furthermore, membership invoicing can also be separate from your regular subscription invoice.

Minimize risk
Centralized management of professional memberships will not only control costs and improve process efficiency; it will also enable effective management of risks associated with compliance. Contracts and terms can be summarized in one page documents and be made available to all employees. This can be tailored to suit company requirements and lower the risk of reputational damage.

Renewals process same as with subscriptions
Prenax consolidates orders that are due for renewal and notifies clients before that order is due to expire. This allows for internal approval flows to take their natural course and factors in the lead-times necessary to process payment of the orders. 

Professional membership renewal notifications can be sent to a central customer coordinator, listing details of who the recipient of that membership is so that the coordinator may discuss requirements internally before approving the purchase. The process to confirm a renewal for a professional membership within the Prenax system is as simple as clicking a button to say “Approve”. Prenax will then handle all communications with the vendor to ensure continued membership access without any issues.

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