Sectors we work in


Prenax is dominant in the legal space and has deep ties to a vast majority of the country’s biggest law firms.

“Corporate focus with deep knowledge of banking, services, and legal markets”

-Outsell Inc.

Our UK office acquired both Legal Library Services and Brand & Company in 2008 to augment our already extensive footprint in the global legal sector.

We have identified eight critical success factors in managing law firms:

  1. Flexibility to adapt to firms unique requirements
  2. Knowledge and understanding of the sector (no offshoring to call centers)
  3. Speed of response
  4. Accurate, error-free invoicing
  5. Focus on efficient claims management
  6. Clear and regular management reporting
  7. Proactive ideas for cost reduction
  8. Good working relationships with legal sector publishers

Legal customers benefit from Prenax’s experience with law firms because we are knowledgeable about legal working practices and demands. We’re willing to commit to service delivery and cost cutting programs that will help streamline your everyday process.

Types of information handled by Prenax include journals, books, professional memberships, multi-user licenses, looseleafs, databases, newspapers and more.