Modern Slavery Statement.

Prenax – Modern Slavery Act Transparency Statement

This statement is made pursuant to the requirements of Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 on behalf
of Prenax and sets out the steps taken by the company to identify, address and prevent modern slavery and
human trafficking in our business and supply chain.

Prenax does not tolerate any form of slavery, human trafficking or other similar work environments or
practices and is committed to maintaining and improving the processes it has in place to help ensure that
these abuses do not occur either in its own operations or those of its suppliers. The following statement
reflects the activities and efforts undertaken to achieve this during the previous financial year.

Our business and supply chains

Prenax is a subscription and information services provider. We support companies and other organizations
with a wide range of services that simplify the acquisition and management of subscriptions and other
content. Prenax provides an outsourced procurement and management service for subscription-based
resources to companies and institutions globally, supported by premium, dedicated customer service and a
user-friendly platform. We employ over 200 people in 11 countries.

We are fully committed to ensuring we do not participate in the violation of human rights and expect the
same from our suppliers.

Prenax policies and procedures

Corporate responsibility is a fundamental part of who we are as company. We are committed to ensuring
compliance with the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights throughout our
business operations.

HR policies and procedures

We actively and at least annually review our HR and recruitment policies and procedures to ensure that
we comply with all applicable laws and protect the rights and freedoms of all those working in our operations.
Our recruitment and employment policies address issues such as working hours, working conditions,
whistleblowing, discrimination, health and safety in the workplace, holiday and sick pay. Each business area
throughout our global operation has access to our HR team who provide continuous support and guidance
on all these policies.

The Prenax Code of Conduct sets out our business ethics for al lour employees and colleagues and any
breach of the Code is a breach of their employment terms. Reports of violations of Prenax policies are
investigated thoroughly and remedial action, including disciplinary action, is taken where necessary.

Procurement policies

We review at least annually our procurement policies and procedures to ensure that we comply with all
applicable laws and protect the rights and freedoms of all those working in our supply chain.


All staff have access to a confidential whistleblowing process for raising concerns including in relation
to modern slavery or human trafficking and it is clear from Prenax policies that all staff are invited to speak up
if they have any concerns or suspicions that any violation has taken place and will be protected of any

Supply Chain Risk and Due Diligence

Prenax does not operate in a high-risk industry or a high-risk jurisdiction. Based on our supply chain,
which comprises mostly of organizations from Europe and North America who publish and produce content,
we are considered a low risk in relation to modern slavery in our operations. However, Prenax recognises it
has risk through the use of suppliers, and therefore we focus on due diligence processes and contractual
terms in relation to slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains.

This statement has been approved by the Executive Management Team of Prenax Limited, and will be
reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

Jan den Hartog
Managing Director

For and on behalf of Prenax Limited

01 May 2023